Stackable Ring Bands

Glamourize your style with colorful stackable ring bands.
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Designer's Choice

These rings are available in more than a 100 styles, which gives you an option to style them in many different ways. My personal favorite is a Trio of Adjustable Rings, which are perfect for daily casual style.

Rainbow Moonstone Love

The Color & the uniqueness of Rainbow Moonstone adds an elegant spark to your style.

Designer’s Tip:

Layer your favorite Rainbow Moonstone Necklaces up for a perfect chic look.


Rainbow Moonstone Necklaces

This amazing and marvelous stone is a beauty to add in your collection. The perfect bounce of light off of the stone castes an array of colors that is a representation of transcending beauty.
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Floral Delights

These beautiful floral earrings are this season's latest, and our favorites. The rainbow moonstone hoops in florals are a perfect combination giving them a delightful glow.
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Designer’s Tip:

These earrings are perfect to be worn on a day out or date night. Couple these with a simple gold bracelet or ring to create a stunning style statement.

An Ode to Color

The perfect blend of color to give a lively and feminine semblance to your everyday style.

Designer’s Tip:

An array of color makes the pieces wearable with any color. Pair it with a simple black or white dress for a color-pop, or complete your floral sundresses with bright and lively earrings.


Colors of Love

We love this duo of dangle earrings and necklace, and the instant pop of color they add to the overall attire. Both the pieces inspire an elegant and feminine look to the wearer with their bright colored stones.
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Royal Hue

Inspired by the Royally glamorous yet simple designs, the Multicolor Bracelets is a perfect show-stopper for an upcoming party event, or a red-carpet showdown.
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Designer’s Tip:

Getting ready for a ball, party, or a red-carpet event? Adorn this beauties with a long evening gown, and complete the look with a simple gemstone earrings.

Diamond & Gold Love

Dedicated to the eternal beauty and love of the glamorous Tresor Woman.

Designer’s Choice:

The Tresor Logo collection is the perfect all-day style that you can support both casually and formally.


Statement Jewelry

Inspired by the ancient Celtic knots commemorating the ballad of love, the Tresor logo collection is one of a kind. A perfect mix of diamond and gold, it inspired eternal and glorious beauty and love for its wearer.
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